Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phobia Protocol

 First of all, as you may know, I have left my job a few weeks ago and decided to follow my heart path.  I was in New York for ten days attending a practitioner course in Integrated Healing. This was my second time taking this course and I felt a major shift in my life.

We had the opportunity to observe a demonstration by the founder of IH, Mathilda van Dyk.  We learned many protocols in this course.  The phobia protocol is one of them.

So, do you have a phobia?

You will be surprised what people can be afraid of: heights, small spaces, under ground, ants, spiders, snakes, coins, and even buttons!

Clearing a phobia can be done in as little as 30 to 40 minutes.  Does this sound too good?

To do a phobia session, we need the actual object that triggers the phobia, which we call an OOF (object of fear).  If the client is afraid of heights, we need a tall building.  If the client is afraid of spiders, we need a live spider!

Asami graciously decided to confront a phobia that she has had since she was a child!  Asami is afraid of… fish.  She loves to eat sashimi, or cooked fish, but she cannot handle or touch fish.  She especially dislikes Koi fish and goldfish.  She says the look, texture and the weight of a dead or live (whole) fish simply creeps her out.  We would later find out why.

The day before the demonstration, Asami, Fusako and I went to a pet store to find the most fearsome looking goldfish for the session.  Here, you should know that Asami is a very put-together person who is very much in control of her health.  She is a very beautiful, energetic, and powerful woman.  Who would think she could be afraid of a little goldfish…!?

At the pet store, she tried to face her fear a few times on the spot by getting close to the goldfish water tanks…. but she screamed!  We could not help it but Fusako and I found this hysterical!  How in the world can this beautiful and strong woman be afraid of goldfish….!?

The next morning, Fusako stopped by the pet store and purchased the goldfish and brought it to the class.  Luckily, she explained our situation and the store was generous enough to let us return the fish right after the session.  We did our best to minimize the stress for the fish and to take it back to the store as soon as we were done.  I am an animal lover after all. :)

First, Mathilda set up the hologram to start the session.  Working in the hologram is one of the most amazing things about IH, it lets us work from every dimension of the being!!!  And then she starts to confront: she had Asami close her eyes while she explained that she is bringing the goldfish (in a bowl) closer and closer.  Asami can stop whenever she hits her limit.  With her eyes open, Asami could not get closer than one meter to the fish….  With the confrontation, she was able to let the fish come up to about 20 cm, but not more.  Then, Mathilda put the goldfish aside and had Asami lie on the massage table.  As the session continued, we revealed two very different origins of Asami’s phobia.  One was her traumatic experience when she was little.  She saw a fish split open with blood splashing right in front of her.  The other was related to a memory of her mother.  I don’t know the details on this as it is very private.  These two causes are very different yet relate deeply to her fish phobia.

The interesting, and amazing thing about IH is that Mathilda didn’t do anything to bring these stories up.  She simply followed what Asami’s body is asking for.  “So simple!” is what Mathilda always says in class.  We all doubted it once, but here she proved how simple a session can be.  This was such an eye opening event for me.  The session took about 30 to 40 minutes.

As Asami sits up on the massage table, I saw her head tilting and her mouth mumbled, “I don’t feel any difference…” in Japanese…LOL!

Now, we placed the goldfish on the massage table and asked if Asami can come closer to it.

Suspiciously-- and slowly-- she approached the goldfish….

And touched the bowl.

And then this.

Asami holding goldfish in a bowl.


Is all we could say.  Wow….!!

She even said, “oh… it’s kinda cute!”…. lol.

She mentioned that she once gave up her dream to become a chef because she could not get close enough to fish to cut it.  And there is no way you can avoid cutting fish if you are cooking Japanese food.  Can you imagine how big an impact this will be in her life?